Who is New Urban Research?

New Urban Research is a professional social research and training company located in Portland, Oregon.

The formation of New Urban Research grew out of a desire to give community groups necessary analytical tools to more rigorously study, and act on, community needs. Through our work we enable service providers to analyze trends in target populations and communities in areas of health, animal welfare, poverty, housing, discrimination and all sorts of other advocacy work.

Advocacy work comes in many shapes and sizes. We aim to creatively use data and technology to improve lives of disadvantaged communities and people. We also aim to empower those we work with to do the same by teaching practical, modern analytical and technology based skills. Through our GIS training workshops, census workshops and demographics workshops, we teach about 5,000 human service providers and public servants a year to use data and technology to accomplish their goals. Our approach is hands-on and meant to develop hard skills in those who seek to learn.
Our research is focused in the following areas:

Geographic analysis
Community demographics
Animal welfare

Our training includes the following:

ArcGIS (GIS Essentials Workshop)
Census and ACS data
Analyzing shelter data